HSBC paperless statement never arrived

JH in Florida said: “I was charged a late fee of $39.00 for not paying my bill on time. I use gmail as my central location for managing my bills. I sign up for paperless statements wherever possible and have configured rules to tag my incoming bills as ‘unpaid’ so that I can go through and pay everyone in a timely fashion. I did not notice that I had not received my statement from HSBC so, of course, I neglected to pay it on time. When I got their ‘your payment is late’ email I immediately went to their site and scheduled a payment for the amount due, plus enough to cover this late fee.

I then went to the comments section and shot off a message asking them to check why I had not received my statement. I did not ask them to waive the fee, I just wanted to make sure this wasn’t going to be happening again. In return I got a canned response telling me how they rejected my request to waive the late fee.

I find it interesting that every other piece of correspondence that has been generated by them finds my inbox without issue, yet the statement mysteriously never arrived.

They refer to the paperless statements they send out as ‘courtesy email alerts’. They also make the statement, “Payments are due on or before the due dates listed on your billing statement.” I would add.. the statement you may or may not receive.

The thing that bothered me the most is that I commented on their response a couple of times and every single time they keep reiterating “we are unable to grant your request to remove late fees from your account”. Something I have never once asked them to do.

In my OPINION, I believe that their system may randomly not send out a certain number of statements to paperless billing customers. As individuals that are unaware of each other we have little recourse in this matter and may assume that their line of BS is based in fact and good faith. In reality I believe (OPINION) that this is a measure they have put into place to shore up lost revenues in other divisions.

I have cancelled the paperless only statements because I feel HSBc is dishonest.”