HSBC payments returned to sender – is this a trend?

SB in New Hapshire said: “I recently opened an account with HSBC for their 0% interest rate. I sent my payment ON TIME through my e-bill (my bank mailed a check) and it came back, returned to sender. I verified the address, and the next month the check came back again return to sender. The CS reps at HSBC are wizards at being pathetically robotic and ignorant in helping me deal with this. I am demanding my 0% rate be returned, and ALL FEES BE ERASED. They are telling me to send proof of the returned checks, which I did by fax, now they want a copy of the returned check, which I am not sure I can provide (since this is e-bill pay). If anyone else is experiencing this problem let me know and join my law suit!!! They SUCK!!!”