HSBC refunds bogus debt cancellation fee

MC in Texas said: “Noticed the Debt Cancellation fee that has been on my stmt since I opened the card. Called HSBC about the fee and they would not help me, i asked to speak to a supervisor 4 times then got hung up on by Rachel. Called back and finally got through to a supervisor who told be I would have to speak with the “insurance” company associated with that fee. The supervisor also will be sending me a copy of my application I signed so I can see where this is written.

I called 1-800-211-9972, option 3 is specifically for Debt Cancellation. Ravi took the call, barely spoke english, said he couldnt refund me but he can cancel the fee. I asked to speak to a supervisor 5 times, was put on hold, he came back saying I could get refunded for 2 months and his boss is busy, I said no i want to be refunded all my money and after 5 times asking to be put on hold for the supervisor he finally put me on hold and came back saying I can be refunded the full amount. If you need to be refunded money be strict and dont give up, they will eventually give in, giving you your refund and canceling the fee.”