HSBC sends benefits CD to ex-employees

I am one of the 6000 people in the US who lost their jobs with HSBC. We shutdown in April. However, HSBC continues to waste money by sending their ex-employees CD’s to put in a disc player to view all their benefits. WE ARE NO LONGER WORKING THERE! Why are they sending these out? They don’t know either.

A former co-worker of mine called to find out why they are sending these. She got someone at the HR office and the lady didn’t know why….so the lady transferred the former worker to the benefits department and got someone from India. That person told the co-worker he’d have to transfer her to HR. What a monkey run business…how pitiful.

The funny part is on the inside of the mailer they send the CD in it says:

“HSBC is committed to environmental sustainability. Sending this information by CD in a small mailer reduces papaer and fuel consumption. Additionally, this mailer is printed on 100% recyclable uncoated stock. This paper is made from 30% post consumer waste and is printed using soy-based inks.”

Well…that just takes the cake doesn’t it? They aren’t wasting? They are sending this junk out to former employees who don’t need to have the fact that they are out of a job being “rubbed in their faces!” Talk about a waste of money and company time….maybe instead of this they could keep some of their employees by doing something that is actually needed. Instead of this waste that the only thing it’s good to us for is throwing in the garbage. So why are they making so much extra garbage? To tell us they are reducing consumption? Is this a joke or are they that stupid?