HSBC Special Toll Free Number

PROSPECT HEIGHTS, Ill., Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ — HSBC – North America has established a special toll-free number — 866-727-HSBC (866-727-4722) — for customers who live in areas of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi that were
directly impacted by Hurricane Katrina. HSBC agents are available to assist customers with inquiries regarding accounts held with HFC, Beneficial, HSBC Mortgage Services, HSBC Auto Finance, HSBC Bank USA and HSBC Mortgage Corp., and customers who hold HSBC-issued retail cards and the HSBC Bank, Household Bank and Orchard Bank credit cards. – end of press release –

“We hope these custoomer service representatives do a better job than the regular CSR’s or they will frustrate people who do not need additional frustrations at a time like this” said watchdogs at Household – HSBC Watch consumer advocates. See HSBC telephone numbers and related phone numbers in the online telephone directory. No login required