HSBC sued in California 2/17/09 in Levitz Furniture fiasco

On February 17, 2009 HSBC was sued in Alameda California. The complaint alleges that HSBC Finance Corp, doing business as HSBC Retail Services, continued to bill a customer under a merchant agreement with Levitz Furniture. The furniture was never delivered, as Levitz was bankrupt.

Actual charges in the case are fraud and failure of consideration. You can see the Register of Actions, and review all court documents here. The case is Guatavo T. Villaneuva v HSBC Card Services Inc.

In the filing HSBC Card Services Inc has many aka’s (also known as). They are listed as aka HSBC/Levitz; aka HSBC Retail Services; aka Household International Inc; aka HSBC Finance Corporation; aka HSBC Bank Nevada N.A.; aka Household Finance Corporation. Isn’t that enough to scare the pants off of the mafia?

You can read 88 pages of this lawsuit, plus 3 other documents, but it does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that HSBC billed for something that was never delivered. HSBC then hounded the customer, ruined his credit, and never exercised a shred of investigative intelligence.