HSBC tax deposit not as promised says Block customer

MS in Texas said: “Had H&R Block prepare taxes and paid a fee for the with holding of the cost of the tax preparation.

Received email that the direct deposit was done and waited a day. Went to my bank, WoodForest, Montgomery, Tx. to check on status.

Teller checked and there was NO deposit pending for the tax refund which indicates that HSBC, had not done as they indicated. Teller said that several people that had H&R Block process tax return, e-filed, and had received email from HSBC that the deposit had been made found out as I did that HSBC is NOT DOING AS THE EMAIL STATED, and that the deposit would not be made for as long as a week. Teller said that there is no hold period and that direct deposit show up as soon as it is made.

This is NOT acceptable at all.

I intend to file a complaint with everyone I know and with every agency that I can find.”