HSBC Taxmasters – No H&R Block For This Person

A consumer reported today: “Recently, I was denied a car loan because they said my credit rating was very low. I applied for a credit report from EqiFax and found out to my surprise that a company named HSBC TAXMASTERS said I owed a debt of over two hundred dollars and was delinquent. I tried to contact this company by phone with no luck and I even wrote a letter to them at an address in Kansas. The letter was returned “Undeliverable”. I thought that HSBC TAXMASTERS were connected with the BANK with the same name but that was not the case.”

Taxmasters, although it may sound good, is really former predatory lender Household International, now owned by HSBC Bank. The entity can be reached through HSBC’s corporate switchboard at 847-654-5000 on Central Standard time. Tax loans, RAC’s and Ral’s (rapid refunds) are part of HSBC Finance Corporation.

4 thoughts on “HSBC Taxmasters – No H&R Block For This Person

  1. Scott in Iowa says:

    Back in 1999 i went to H&R Block for taxes, my wife and i did rapid refund, ends up that i owe almost 4,000. to Household Taxmasters because they
    never got paid from H&R Block.

    Now how am i supposed to clear this on my credit report after it being 6 years and i just saw it on my credit report. I shouldn’t be the one owing them it should be H&R Block owing them. But i’m sure they were in it together earning there share. IT’S WRONG!!! What should i do now??

    January 24,2006

    I just found out that a guy claiming to be me walked into an H&R block in alabama with my social and a fake W2 and was able to get a rapid refund now I’m stuck with a 3,600 bill that was done in march of 05 . How can this be fair. They were participants in Identity theft. They did not check address ,phone numbers for this guy claming to be me . I believe that this will be a long time before my life is back in order due to a company who does not check if the information provided in front of them is lagitamet.!!

  3. Updated contact number is 847-564-5000, you may be directed to 1-800-792-3935 if your call is H&R Block related

  4. Brian, the same thing just happened to me. Last week I received a phone call from someone in HSBC Bank’s collections dept. claiming that I was delinquent on an H&R Block “Refund Anticipation Loan.” I almost hung up on them thinking that it was some sort of sales call or scam. I have never used H&R Block to prepare my taxes, and I certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to use their refund loan program. Everyone knows (or should) that it’s basically, a payday loan scam.

    Apparently, someone walked into an H&R Block office in Richmond, VA and claimed to be me. They gave my SSN and a fake W-2. I am self-employed and don’t even get a W-2! H&R Block claims that they presented a Georgia drivers license with an Atlanta address, but I don’t know. They conveniently didn’t make a copy of the ID. Then again, with PhotoShop, a color printer and a laminating machine, I guess it’s entirely possible. At any rate, the person had H&R Block complete a simple 1040 that showed a $4300 refund, and H&R Block gladly gave them a RAL check for that amount (while charging a steep origination fee and something like 700% APR, I’m sure).

    So far, H&R Block and HSBC Bank seem to be being cooperative. That being said, I still think that there is something terribly wrong with H&R Block’s due diligence. I was amazed how easy this scam could be pulled off.

    BTW, the correct phone number for HSBC’s Fraud Dept. is (800) 409-6513.

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