HSBC towed car instead of debiting funds for car payment

GP in Florida said: “My daughter paid some payments over the phone for an auto loan she was behind in, and was told everything was fine, but for some reason HSBC never withdrew the funds from the account. While she was waiting on HSBC to withdraw the funds, HSBC had her car towed.

Since they are closed on Saturday, (today) she will have to wait until Monday to even try to straighten this mess out. Even though what HSBC did was completely wrong, the towing people said it was legal. Even the people that towed the car did not disagree that what HSBC was wrong, but that does not help this case much.

By the grace of God, maybe the whole mess can be straightened out, but in the meantime her car is in storage, and she may have to pay towing costs, etc.

I am sure HSBC has an army of lawyers so that they will always be right, but at least I got this off of my chest.”