HSBC Watch Online Phone Number Lookup

No, we are not trying to be the next, but we are programming and managing the myriad of phone numbers in our database. This should take some of the presure off of the Live Help operators and reduce the number of hotline calls. To see this project in the early stages visit the HSBC Watch Online Address Book. Our research department is building a nice collection for our web visitors. Between our Online Document Library and the new address book information can be retreived by visitors easily and quickly. Our FAQ section fills the gap as well.

Editor’s Note: This project has run it’s course. When HSBC shut down everything except HSBC credit cards we ended this project because telephone numbers were no longer valid.

One thought on “HSBC Watch Online Phone Number Lookup

  1. I received a phone call alerting me that my credit card payment was overdue. On checking, I saw that I had not made a payment for August – which means that I had not received a bill. I assumed the bill had gone into somebody else’s mailbox and began an odyssey of trying to pay the bill – without paying the fee for paying by phone, which the operator(s) kept encouraging me to do

    The online bill paying has been a total runaround. I have entered my personal details and entered and re-entered my login and password information numerous times. I received a letter from HSBC and an email saying that my online bill pay was all set up. BUT – I was unable to log in using the password I had previously selected and entered twice – in the meantime apparently being tossed back and forth between the banking website and the credit card payment site.

    I hung on the phone for half an hour waiting for the tech support to pick up. I now have a total of six numbers where one can reach HSBC credit card services and/or their tech support…but one is inevitably referred back to this non-answering number 1-800-771-7293. I think this is a deliberate scam and an outrage. After reading the info on your site, I am paying off my card in full and getting out of there. (Although I see that may not be so easy!)

    Thanks for your support in this. These people should be thrown out of the USA….

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