If every AE buys a home from HFC or Beneficial….

I’m not sure what to make of this report, but it is a suggestion that makes as much sense as Treasury Secretary Paulson’s bailout or George Bush’s desire to study things a little more. Here is what we received, but the names were omitted: “I just don’t understand why every account executive in the state (California) cannot get a real estate loan. I mean, it really doesn’t matter if we are charging 12% and the debt to income ratio does not work because of rate, or that there are very few customers that have any value in the home. And on top of that, my kid tells me he is now in the Chess Club, and I am trying to mask my disappointment because I want to act enthusiastic, yet, I really wanted him to be the starting quarterback for Florida State and then the Eagles. I wish there was some kind of action I could take.”

OK, if every account executive bought a home that would make Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson dance. (I worked hard on this so give me a little slack.) In an attempt to get further behind on my real work I went to Elf Yourself to make this gem:

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