Learn about HSBC night cleaning staff

We received this today and will omit the origin: “After reading the story below on your site I found this to be kind of funny. In 2007 someone at HSBC pushed a deal through with ABM Janitorial to take over the services at over 900 HSBC locations in the USA. One of the first orders of buisness was to start slashing the amount that was paid to cleaners so that ABM could keep more money. In HSBC locations you now have very high turnover rates of cleaning staff that at the very least raises the security risk of every customer and every person that sends in online applications to HSBC. Just to give you an idea of what they are now doing with the cleaning staff is a 2600 sq ft building is to be cleaned for $15.00 or less per night. Now what kind of people do you think are entering the buildings for $15.00 per night?”