London man claims HSBC fraud on wire transfers

JP in London said: “I’ve frequently transfered money from HSBC Dubai to two other accounts, one a HSBC account in UK, the other in USA (not HSBC) after about 8 or 9 transfers and every one had the standard HSBC AED 100 charge but also has another AED 50 charge that I’ve never manged to recover or had an acceptable explantion of.

Finally after months of moaning bank staff told me the AED 50 was the charge from the receiving bank and nothing to do with HSBC.

I checked. Neither receiving bank made any charge. Gloves off now but after another 4 months HSBC simply refused to refund the fraudulent charges from any of the transactions.

OK so now I’ll close my Dubai account.

“Sorry sir you can’t do that from your branch in Dubai you need to go to Sharah.”
“How can I do that ? I live in UK now?”
“Oh then sir we’ll have to cancel you credit and debit cards if you’re not living in Dubai”
“So I’ll have no access to my money, I can’t use my cards and I can’t close my account but you’re charging me 100/month to keep my money in your bank at he same time as making it impossible for me to get at my own money”
“Sorry sir I don’t make the rules”

It took 5 months to close my account and I was gain ripped off with charges by the receiving bank when the were no charges.”