Mand tracks HSBC as a California or Nevada corporation

Marcus in California said: “I came across your site today after a frustrating 2 months trying to sort out a dispute with my HSBC credit card. It was welcome reading to know I am not alone! I have been trying to track down the legal name for HSBC and read your info on HSBC Bank Nevada.

Although its listed with the OCC it does not come up in a business search of Nevada corporations: so I was confused.

I live in California so I searched there too and did not find HSBC Bank Nevada BUT I did find HSBC Finance Corporation and I think this is who they are.

This is confirmed on HSBC’s own explanation at: by clicking on the third PDF under the heading “More about HSBC” – this is the one called HSBC Finance Corporation Fact Sheet.

If you read this it says that they do credit cards. My credit card statement lists BOTH HSBC Bank Nevada and HSBC Finance Corporation but as I say I can’t seem to track down the Nevada organization in either California or Nevada.

Others may find this info helpful – I think it helps to know who you’re angry with. They have a name, they have a registered address (locally and in Mettawa, Ill) so there is no need to despair…! Good luck everyone lets stick together.