Mysterious preauthorized debit from HSBC RS

Did you discover a pre-authorized ACH debit from HSBC RS on your checking account statement? Maybe you found something similar to “ach debit hsbc rs”. We know the bank is HSBC, but we don’t know what the ACH debit was for. ACH is Automated Clearing House, a network of electronic transfers between financial institutions.

For instance, if I go to the grocery store and use my debit card, it is an ACH transaction. If an ACH debit shows up only as “ach debit hsbc rs” you still don’t know what the debit is for, if it is an annual fee, or bogus insurance, or maybe something else.

SK in Pennsylvania said: “I check my bank account every day to see what has posted to my account since I’m not the greatest person out there to keep track of their money. I checked it this morning and there was a “PreAuthorized Debit from HSBC RS” for $20.00. I called the bank (HSBC) to see what was going on and they said there’s no phone number or anything as to where it came from. So I called the number listed for HSBC Retail Services Center and the lady couldn’t even help me.

I do have a few credit cards with HSBC, but all the payments were already made in the middle of every month, so that’s why I thought this was strange. Debits come out the same day they are made vs. credits may take a few days to a few weeks. I tried to call the corporate telephone number for this company and it just rings and rings…Clueless as to what I should do. Even though it’s only $20, it could happen again and I was lucky today that it didn’t make my account go over. I’m really irritated. I hate H.S.B.C. Too high of a Interest rate.”

Editor’s Note: This could be anything from identity theft to fraud on the part of HSBC. A professional organization would answer the phone and explain what is happening. I’m sure your bank told you it would cost $32 for a stop payment on the $20 mysterious debit. Watch this closely.