Nebraskan Says HSBC Is Worst Company Ever

NW in Nebraska says: “HSBC is the worst company ever. I am a cosigner on a store credit card that HSBC is trying to collect on. As being the cosigner I never received statements so I had no idea the account was past due. One night at around 9:00PM I received a call from HSBC claiming that I needed to pay them $75.00 right then or my credit would be ruined. I told them I had no idea what they were talking about but they didn’t care they just wanted the money. I asked what the balance was for and they couldn’t tell me. I told them I wasn’t going to pay anything until I received a notice in writing. I asked that they mail me a bill showing the balance due. I was then told I could change the address because I wasn’t the card holder.

How dumb is that, they are calling me to get a payment but refuse to send me a statement. After a couple of months of two to three phone calls a week from them demanding money I finally got one of them to change the address. The actual card holder took off and is no where to be found and they aren’t looking for her. The account was so far behind that I had to make monthly (re-aging) arrangement to get the account caught up. During those months I was still receiving two to three calls per week demanding I pay the account in full. I would have to explain every time I was on a re-aging for the account. They told me I would continue to receive the phone calls regardless of my payments or arrangements. “I still owed them money and they have every right to call me as often as they want.”

During one call I actually talked to a nice person who suggest I send in a letter explaining the circumstances and a settlement amount. I asked for an itemized statement but couldn’t get one. I had to call the actual store. After getting all the info did I realize half of the balance due was finance charges and late fees I had never been told about before. I sent in the letter stating I would pay the total purchase price plus a couple of hundred in the finance charges. The settlement amount was declined, no specific reason given. I received a call from the collection department of HSBC wanting money again. I asked why my settlement was declined and they couldn’t give me a reason stating it should have been in the letter. I told them it wasn’t. I was them directed to call the customer service dept. I have been through this route before with no help provided.

Does anyone have any advice as to what my next action should be? I don’t understand why they have to be so rude. I could see if I was the card holder and didn’t make the payments but how is the cosigner supposed to know. This has been a life lesson I will not soon forget. If you are ever asked to cosign for a family member turn around and run the other direction. One last thing, are they allowed to call on Sunday’s? Why isn’t this company being investigated?”