New Jersey Takes Predatory Lending Seriously

If you mailed your payment to HSBC on the 7th, as an example – and it was not credited until the 18th of the month, while you received a late fee, overlimit fee, and a pay-by-phone fee, 12 phone calls from India and a slap in the face, you may have recourse. This is from New Jersey relative to Ameriquest:

“We take the threat of predatory lending very seriously, and we are pleased that through this cooperative effort we were able to recover funds for consumers who were victimized in this instance,” said Department of Banking and Insurance Commissioner Steven M. Goldman. “We remain vigilant in our efforts to prevent this conduct, and we urge any consumer who believes they may have been subjected to predatory practices to contact us with their concerns.”

So we assume if the example in our introduction actually happened to you New Jersey and Mr. Goldman would take it seriously. The sad part is that it is happening to HSBC customers all over the country. See our Live Reports and Horror Stories for more.