No notification of HSBC reduced credit limit

CF in Florida said: “HSBC is TERRIBLE. I have had an impeccable credit history with them for over 3 years, and all of the sudden today i go online to check my balance (as i do frequently) only to discover that my credit limit has been lowered from $2000.00 to $1100.00 with NO NOTIFICATION. Seriously? Is that any way to conduct business? When i called them they said it was a ‘mass reduction’ and it was a ‘business decision’..

What about CUSTOMER SERVICE?? What if i DIDNT check my account balance daily, and had tried to make a purchase thinking i had $1500 dollars available on my card? Just awful.. not to mention what this does to my credit score for my balance to available credit ratio. The economy just keeps getting better and better. I’m never using that card again, i’m cutting it up with great pleasure as soon as I pay it off next month. GOOD RIDDANCE HSBC!!!”