No Statement Received After Account Paid

From T.B. in South Carolina

After my interest rate was raised by 5 percentage points, I decided to transfer my balance to my much nicer credit union card. I watched my balance online until the transfer was completed and then paid the remaining 8 dollars on the acct. I assumed that brought my balance to zero. I have online statements, so I didn’t question why I did not receive the next statement as I thought the balance was zero.

Two months later I received a statement showing I owed two 15 dollar late fees on a balance of 10 dollars that was supposedly interest charged on the previous balance. When I said I had not recieved a statement the reply was that the computer showed that it was sent. I never had a problem receiving them before I paid off the balance.

I then asked why I did not recieve an e-mail or phone call about the past due balance I was told they are not required to inform you of a past due balance. The only was to get the charges removed was to cancel my acct.