No statement, then a rate increase. Something shady at HSBC!

JC in Washington said: “In August 2008, I had not received a statement, on August 24 I called HSBC to find out why, I was told the statement was sent. I asked what address she told me 2615 xxxx, I told her that was incorrect it is 12615. She told me my payment was due on the 23rd and its late now, and she would charge me a late fee of $39.00. I told her I did not get a statement, and it was HSBC’s mistake that it was missent. Because I gave them the correct address. After speaking a while with her she said if I could pay today over the phone she would waive the late fee. So I did. ( August 24 ).

They charged me $ 15.00 to give them money. The Amount Due was $227 so I paid $280. I called today (SEPT 2) to verify my address is correct, and how much is my next payment and when is it due, I was told $352.00. I said last month it was $227 and I paid $280. Why the increase, I was told that in MAY 08, they pulled my credit report, and raised my interest rate to 30.99%. I said what!!! I asked for a manager, and asked her to give me the number to who ever is in charge of HSBC, and she said she could not, because she does not have that information.

I have been a loyal and faithful customer to HSBC, pay each month on time, never complained!! I asked when will my interest rate go back down to the normal, She said whenever they decide to review it again, but that no one can tell when that can be. My credit is fair, and I have not missed any payments to anyone or been late. I just got too many bills, that I am busting my butt to pay each month. They made a decision in May, this is September, when was I supposed to been told. I need some help, my wife is very sick, and I just had a kidney transplant, and still trying to work 10 hours a day.”

Editor’s Note: Perhaps someone in the brainwashed “holier than thou” crowd, or perhaps the chairman of HSBC USA, can explain how the “1” in this guy’s correct address suddenly disappeared? That is hard to believe. This sounds like a setup, a shady tactic, and is totally without integrity. Obviously the “six month review” is an excuse to get out of the phone conversation with the customer. There is no six month review. This report will be filed under ‘fraud issues.’