No title for your vehicle

Sandra L. Derickson
CEO, Household Retail Services
2700 Sanders Road
Prospect Heights IL 60070
RE: Transmittal of Clear Title to the Consumer

Consumer Advocate Group Household Watch/HRS Watch issues the following consumer complaint inquiry:
There is great concern about an issue at Household Retail Services. Consumers report that they fail to receive the title to their vehicle in a timely manner.

Numerous complaints over the past 24 months indicate that this is a trend. Household Watch expects to see resolution in this matter. We thought we saw consumer-friendly changes at Household Retail Services and looked forward to the future. This expectation is short lived if the problems reported above are not addressed and resolved.

There are always a few “bumps in the road” and we expect that. We do not expect the consumer to be penalized for lack of title. The vehicle cannot be sold or traded without the title.

Please state the policy for sending the clear title to the consumer after an account is paid in full. Please state the costs associated with transactions through the respective mediums, and if there are additional costs tell us why. In keeping with a reciprocal policy, since HRS is allowed to record our conversations with them, we reserve the right to record their conversations with us as we get to the bottom of this matter.