North Carolina Resident Has Strong Words For HSBC

SW in North Carolina said: “My dad purchased a motor cycle, and the loan was from HSBC Retail Services. He is a deaf mute so I handle his payment for him. Not once but twice now HSBC has clamed that they haven’t gotten the payments. Calling my mom and being very rude to her many of the times, she has told them not to call her, that his son handled the account with them, and that they needed to contact me. She gave them my phone number so they could call me, but they said that they couldn’t discuss any account with anyone but my dad. She told them that he was a deaf mute and that they needed to contact me. She is very ill and isn’t able to take care of her own business.

My sisters and I handle everything for our parents. Anyway I called these people up and told them a thing or two about how they are only out there to steal from people, and had a few choice words for them. I wasn’t one bit surprised when I read a few of the complaints on this web site. They are horrible place to deal with. Some how some way they need to be brought down. If they proceed to do business they way they are with my dad I plan to see what can be done with the damn place. We have always been able to keep my parents in good credit and now these assholes step up and start their stuff. I don’t think so. When ever I hear people talking about going to take out a loan with HSBC I strongly stress to them not to. I’ll do everything I can to talk people out of doing business with that place. And for the poor people who have I would strongly stress that you do the same. Don’t let your family or friends go there if you can stop them. They will surely live a horrible life dealing with HSBC.”

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