Ohio resident says refinance away from HSBC Mortgage Services

CH in Ohio said: “My complaint is with HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc. they purchased my loan from my original lender. Because of their horrible customer service (I will get to that)… I chose to refinance, a week before my scheduled closing the new lender ran a last minute credit check and HSBC Mortgage Service reported I was 30 days late with my mortgage payment the month before 04/07. I immediately got on the phone, they assured me it was a mistake (they did the same to many others in error they said), and that they would correct it with the credit bureaus.

I have received over the last year a ton of letters from them stating it was an error but they haven’t corrected my credit reports. I contacted all three bureaus with a dispute, after 4 months I got it removed from one, after 10 months from another but TransUnion keeps insisting it is verified as late. I send the letters to TransUnion, they state they can’t accept my documentation (letters from HSBC), and that when they verify with the lender they claim it was late (which it never was). HSBC insists they have notified TransUnion and keeps sending me letters apologizing for the “inconvience”, and state the data is inaccurate. I am just stuck in the middle.

This all happened when the subprime problems hit the fan, I ended up not being able to refinance because of the late payments being reflected on my credit reports and I lost my appraisal money!

I am waiting on a final response from my last dispute with TransUnion and then I am going to hire an attorney to get this resolved so that I can refinance.

On to their customer service. I get paid the 1st and the 15th. Typically I will send my payment from the 15th of this month for next month’s payment so they will have it prior to the due date. When they first purchased the loan, I had sent the payment to the other lender. When the 28th rolled around they began calling me, very rude. They treat you from day one like you are a dead beat and just choose to not make a payment. So finally that got worked out, I think they got the payment from the other lender on the 6th, but they called me three to six times per day EVERYDAY until they did receive that payment. I found that very rude as it was still within the grace period.

One other month, I was out of town and didn’t send my payment from my 15th check, but when I returned on the 25th, I mailed it out, again they called on the 28th, and were just rude, nasty… for no reason, I had never been late on a payment, and we were still within the grace period. They called several times again even after I told them the payment was sent, and again on the next day, but then I guess they got the payment because they quit calling. That month is when I chose to refinance. I had enough of how they treated me.

Here I had a loan with them for two years, had never been a day late on a payment other than the original payment at the transfer of the loan (which I paid on time, it was not my fault). Then this one month rolls around and I am one day beyond the due date, but still not late as I wasn’t being assessed a late fee, and they want to treat me like a horrible customer. I don’t want to give them anymore of my money. So refinance… I almost think they screwed my credit up on purpose… although they insist they did not.”