Predatory Lending Defined

Predatory Lending, defined

Predatory lending means imposing unfair and abusive loan terms on borrowers, often through aggressive sales tactics, taking advantage of borrowers’ lack of understanding of extremely complicated transactions, and outright deception. Predatory loans turn the dream of homeownership into a nightmare, in the worst instances ending in foreclosure. (courtesy ACORN.ORG)

Predators Indentified by Acorn and our web sites:
CitiFinancial, Household USA, Household Bank, Household Finance, Household Retail Services, Household Credit Services, CitiGroup, others

Proof Behind What We and Others Say:
We have over 1600 reports about Household Retail Services HRS) from people just like you. We experienced it ourselves. We have proof about Household Finance, written documentation about CitiFinancial, and proof of improper re-aging of HFC accounts. We have proof about Best Buy Stores, David’s Bridal, CompUSA, Rooms To Go, and reports about many others. All are listed in our free help book, Damage Controls, which is available from the downloads section.

Search Inner City Press:
Before making any decision to finance, search Inner City Press for information about any company you may consider. If shopping locally or on the Internet, know who finances the purchase. Research the company first. Best Buy Stores may look attractive, but Household Retail Services (HRS aka HCS) does their financing. Then the nightmare may begin.

One thought on “Predatory Lending Defined

  1. Citigroup destroys people’s lives and living in the human misery. Every day they are on the news for new frauds, they hide their frauds under hundreds of different financial companies and 36 different credit cards.
    How is this possible that a great Country like America allows this abuse to happen? Peoples around the world are being used by Citigroup greed. Thank you for exposing this bank’s corruption activity. This is not just a corrupt bank but part of the most successful scam in history .
    Thank you

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