Same shabby service year after year at HSBC

Does this seem strange to you, or is it another case of regulators sleeping at their desks?

From February 2005:

I am once again extremely upset with Retail Services. On previous occasions, I have sent my payments by Certified Mail with a Return Receipt (not a free service from the U.S. Postal service) because an inordinate amount of time passed between mailing my check and Retail Services (HSBC) posting my payment to my account, and swore that I would never do business with them again. Only through financing purchases did I end up a Retail Services customer.

From April 2009:

I never received the first couple of statements and HSBC is charging late and finance charges. Then when I finally did receive a statement I made my payment online. I did not receive the next statement and they were calling and calling and finally contacted me because the payment was late.