Scammed by HSBC interest free says customer

NL in California said: “Two years ago I bought furniture from Levit’s. They had a no intrest for 2 years offer, and I have great credit, so I financed the purchase. I made every payment on time. The final payment was due December 31, 2009 and was in HUGE letters on the top of the statement. I mailed the payment on December 15, 2009. On January 15, 2010 I recieved a billing statement in the mail for $871.

I couldn’t beleive my eyes. I went over the final billing statement from December and discovered that I had been scammed by HSBC. The actual due date for the promotion was in small type at the bottom of the statement. The promotional due date was December 15, 2009, the day I mailed in the check. I called, and of course they insisted I owe the additional monies since I didn’t pay off the loan on time.

I was decieved. Is there an recourse? On the one hand I have the check made out and I want to pay them and never do business with them again. On the other, I want to fight them.”