Sears and Routh Crabtree

JG in Alsaka said: “We were unable to make payments to Sears for a balance of around $3000. Sears used a high power collections firm, Routh Crabtree to file suit against us and to avoid a judgement and subsequent garishment, etc. we agreed to payment terms with the collections firm for an amount nearly triple the original balance. The monthly payment has been deducted from our bank account for the last couple of years. We found out today that the collections firm has filed a lien against our house on behalf of sears. There reason was that we were in default of the agreement as Sears raised our interest rate and the monthly payment went up. We were not paying the balance of the new interest rate. We have never missed a payment to these thieves and we were never informed by Sears or Routh Crabtree of the increased rate or increased monthly payment. Now what do we do?”