Sherman's Acquisition's phone number – Alegis

Sherman’s Acquisition’s phone number 888-665-0374. The number is answered with the standard debt collector recorded notice. Resurgent Capital Services answers the phone. Their website is

More information:
Alegis Group, LP/Sherman Financial Group
Name Change: ‘LVNV Funding, LLC’
Incorporated in Nevada, see Nevada Corps for agent to serve lawsuits
15 South Main St. Ste 600
Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: (864) 678-8593
Fax: (864) 370-4998

Other web addresses:
Website was not working when we tested it.

A Houston debt collection agency called Alegis purchased portfolio’s of ‘charged-off’ debts from various banks (i.e. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, etc.) for approximately 4-6 cents on the dollar. Sherman is Alegis, Alegis is Sherman, even with the branch office they opened in Greenville, South Carolina as Resurgent Capital Services . They are scavenger debt buyers. DISPUTE all accounts within the first thirty days of receiving written notice. Consumers and lawyers should always demand written verification of any debt, claimed owed, by these scavenger debt buyers.

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  1. TF in Georgia said “I have several complaints about LVNV Funding. There was an account that the company purchased from Bank of America. They performed two inquiries on my credit report before they even purchased the account. Then, when the account was charged off through Bank of America, it is still shown on my credit report as seriously past due. I still continue to get calls each day from this collection agency, and the account has been charged off. In fact, on the report, the account has the same number!!!

    These calls could range from 7:30 a.m. to late at night, sometimes being five or six times daily. The calls are quite annoying, and it is frustrating to have seven voice mail messages on my phone everyday from the same person. More importantly is the fact that there is a large sum of debt still on my credit report, when it has been charged off. I need something done about this because it is affecting my life in numerous ways and especially my credit history.”

  2. Any one who real facts of these firms violating law, please post the exact data not just opinions and, also, please e-mail at

    We have uncovered on record these violations with actual Court copies being avialble:

    1) submission of fraudulent affidavits that are use din Courts by the attorneys who represent these firms: mainly Sherman Acquisition/LVNV Funding LLC
    2) Submissions of information by employees of these firms, while their firms are listed in different States. Specifically, Affidavits come from Greenville SC but the firms are in Houston, TX and Indiana. How can an employee in the US work for a company which is in a different state. These are not mere tell operators from 3 world countries. Anyone who get Affidavits from SC on which these forms are stated, contact us ASAP and if can scan and e-mail the Affidavits (if can) )if not sure may cross your names)
    3) In many States debt collectors must be licensed. So let’s check them on licensing per your State.
    4) By law, once an account/debt is disputed, that must be validated and all collection activity must seize. Yet they continue suing Consumers in Courts, while requests to validate were made on record. If you disputed, their claims on record and proof exists (your letters with proof of mailing and/or Court submission kept on files in Court) contact us ASAP and please e-mail the copies. (Again if not fully comfortable, put a black magic marker lines over sensitive info – but keep enough to be presentable)
    5) These firms have pushed Consumers too far and for too long using dirty attics and even blackmailing in many cases. Those who have character should fight back instead of crying and complaining in vain.
    6) We are the group who would engage them by facts and merit. Join us or sent you facts (facts only) we would lead the fight.
    7) Any useful links, info is appreciated as sharing and cooperation translates into real power, once unveiled would produce concrete results. It’s time!

  3. I am in the military and was required to print an annual credit report in order to update my security clearance…upon doing so I found that LVNV is reporting a $917 collection account. LVNV has never contacted me and I was unaware of any delinquent accounts. In addition, I noticed that I have had inquiries from companies that I have not done business with. I have already faxed, emailed, and mailed a debt validation letter. I have also initiated a credit dispute with one of the credit bureau’s. Am I doing the right thing?

  4. Just to let some of you know… charged off does not mean you no longer owe the account. It simply means the account is now in collections.

  5. LVNV Funding are contacting me for a bill I don’t owe…..What I don’t understand is how they got my parents name and I haven’t lived with my parents for over 22 years and haven’t given their phone number to anyone in over 22 years. ..I know this for a fact. They just showed up on my credit report. I contacted them and asked why did I owe them and they sent 1 line. They purchased my debt from Consolidated and no other information. These people can tear down credit but I tell you, if I have to never ever get credit, it will just have to be that way, I ain’t paying no liars that the credit bureaus support and the republican government. I will never pay for something I don’t owe…They can keep their credit and shove it up their ass. Take a look at the trillions of dollars that Bush has got us into….Bush has got this country up to their eyeballs in debt to other countries and whose gonna have to pay for that……….WE ARE……working people………America is not a free country anymore or a land of oppurtunity. It is a republican drama role in which they scam to get wealthier and scam for worldwide power….Republicans never help their own country, but to tear us down and keep us that way. Whether you print this or not, I don’t give a f**k. But don’t ask for comments if you really don’t want them………..I say f**k LVNV.

  6. Be very careful whenever dealing with Resurgent Capital or their related outfit Lvnv funding. They would like you to send them your money while they do very little or nothing to benefit you in return. That’s not a good practice of doing things, in other words, they are not your friends. Don’t cave in to their pressure or scare tactics. Learn all you can about their games on this and several other free websites on the internet. Remember, as long as you have your money, you have what they want. They paid about 3 cents on the dollar for those ancient credit card charge-offs and would like to have you pay them, lets say 50 to 70 cents on the dollar for those same old charge-offs. Is that legal? Well, yes or maybe. Is it ethical or right? Probably not. They are commission driven and really don’t care about you or your specific situation. Sometimes, the “supervisors” there are also on a power trip, so they think. Remember, they are in no position to judge anyone for anything. You hold the high ground in almost every situation. All they want is for people to donate money to their commission checks and to get bonuses from the outfits where they are temporarily working. It is wise not to ever send them any money, even the smallest amount, unless you have recieved a customized written agreement from them that is beneficial to you, IN ADVANCE. Only if you have their advance agreements IN WRITING, detailing what they shall do for you, to specificaly benefit you, should you ever consider sending them a settlement. Never, ever, agree to do a check by phone or post dated checks, with this, you have no gaurantee whatsoever that they will follow through with any verbal promises they may tell you. Be wise, carefully learn and think about your best options. You’re the ones in the drivers seat.

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