Sue Jex, HSBC's Group Head of Diversity Faces Challenges

Sue Jex, HSBC’s Group Head of Diversity said “Employee diversity is critical for corporate success. At HSBC, being the world’s local bank means getting this absolutely right so that we successfully reflect and understand our local customer base. International Women’s Day provides HSBC with an excellent opportunity to globally support a wide range of women’s activity at the local level.”

Consumer advocates at Household – HSBC Watch recommend HSBC starts with the basics, such as understanding how diverse groups react when they mail a payment to HSBC early, only to see it credited two weeks later and one day after the due date. Moving on, “getting this absolutely right” would then expand to teaching employees how to avoid adding more complaints to over 5000 Better Business Bureau complaints now on file, most of which allege or report duplicity in shady billing practices. The list goes on….

The real issue facing Sue Jex, HSBC’s Group Head of Diversity, is finding women willing to be associated with predatory lending, racketeering, fraud, abuse of the U.S. military, and disregard for the U.S. Patriot Act. Even if the women work for the more-reputable side of HSBC they may be transferred to Household International later in their careers.