The HSBC Monitor

In 2009 HSBC launched “The Climate Confidence Monitor” which is a global piece of research carried out by the HSBC Climate Partnership to measure and track consumer attitudes in twelve countries and territories on climate change issues.

Isn’t that sweet? Since HSBC is now seven years removed from the bank’s ill-advised purchase of predatory lender Household International we have a launch of our own. “The HSBC Monitor” is the new name for the old HSBC Watch.

While HSBC seems to have loopholes in its own climate issues, we shall do much better. By the way, did you know HSBC claims the bank “will not finance plantations converted from natural forest since June 2004”, but the rules currently do not apply to HSBC investment funds? A small loophole for HSBC, but loopholes seem to be what HSBC likes best.

As your HSBC Monitor, we shall track consumer attitudes in much more than twelve countries and territories. Our international edition is live now, while many international complaints can be found on our website.