This HSBC foreclosure story makes HSBC look shady, too many questions

Jeff in Ohio said: “Yes , My wife and I were both victims of HSBC and their unfair lies and being mis-informed on their lending. To start with, we were supposed to get extra money to build a garage because the county said we should have built one when the house was built. HSBC said they would appraise the house as through there were a garage already there so we could get the loan.

It worked, but instead of getting enough money to build a garage we only got $988.00.

After a few years my wife got hurt at work. Our two incomes went to one. We asked about the insurance if illness happened and HSBC told us it was dropped becaused we were late on one of our payments. Hogwash!

HSBC allowed us a reduced payments for six mounths on hardship. My wife became disabled. After hardship we fell behind again. Without asking us HSBC restructured our loan, raising our payments, because everytime we were late they were tacking on $1000.00 to the principle of our loan.

I went to the loan office to dispute and got nowhere. We were not aware of that kind of late fee.

We tried to get other loan companies to refinance with no results. So we went back to HSBC for help.They were going to help, but once again the payment would be higher because of all the late payments. We decided to move out and rent. HSBC foreclosed and we filed bankruptcy.

Our orignal loan was for $106,000.00, and when HSBC foreclosed it was $176,000.00. Crazy,you think. Thats not all. When we went to bankruptcy a problem came up. There was no title to be found. I think they had to have a new one made. Its Dec. 2009 and there’s a sheriffs sale coming up.

It’s so sad. Our American dream and hearts has been destroyed. Thanks HSBC.”