Today’s 5 Complaints from real HSBC customers

AS in Maryland said: “I lost my job back in September 2008 and subsequently fell back on my mortgage payments. HSBC refused to modify my 12.375% second mortgage. I subsequently started making payments and HSBC applied those payments to the prior months I misssed and reported both the months I missed and the months I paid as delinquent. Due to this delinquency, I am currently unable to secure a vehicle loan I am desperately in need of. HSBC refused to remove those late payments.”


PM in Canada said “I received a letter from HSBC PO BOX 60118, with no phone number to that I could call them, regarding a Herberger’s account. I have tried to call customer service to be sure this card has been cancelled but no one is able to help. I do NOT have a credit card number since I thought the account was closed. Therefore, I should not have received this letter.”


BR in Colorado said “Recently, we had hail damage to our roof, so I filed a claim with American Family and received half of the insurance coverage for the replacement. No problems. Found contractors that did a wonderful job, and again no problems. However, Beneficial is carrying a second mortgage for around 40 grand, so we had to mail the insurance check to HSBC so they can endorse the check so we can cash it. Wells fargo is our primary and it was no problem having them endorse it, but with beneficial nothing but a headache. There are no more beneficials in Colorado. We had to mail it to Brandon, Florida. I overnighted the check on June 8th.

It was signed for on the 9th and vanished off the face of the earth. Every time my wife and I have called, which has been close to 40 times, to track our check down we get attitude , promises that it has been mailed several different dates, the 16th, 20th, 29th, and on and on. We have already received the second check, which did not need bank endorsement, cashed and combined it with our savings to pay off the contractors. I cannot express the dread i have in sending a new first payment check to HSBC.”


TS in Wisconsin said “HSBC harasses me 4-5 times daily with no messages left and only a phone tree (further costing cell minutes): I’ve emailed their President AVP Shehad Mohammed 7-2-2010 telling him to stop this as I’ve had 64 calls in 15-days (night and day) from 800-684-8429 and now it has begun from 800-395-2274 today twice by noon hour (again with no msg).

This is TCPA and FDCPA violation of consumer law. In addition to FCC violations of harassment after I wrote them 3-2010 to cancel the card and send me one final bill (sent to customer service HSBC Las Vegas NV)
and then emails and calls to customer service 6-2010 as well.

Per TCPA this is $500/call violations, and Supreme Court ruled 5-2010 that debt collectors (which is what they are) are not exempt from this by saying they were unaware. Will you enforce the FCC airwaves, and stop this abuse. I have their HSBC process service agent as CT Corporation with address in Madison, WI. Local county courthouse allows $5000 max small claims, thus they are abusing this every 3-days … for 3-weeks now.”


AH in New York said “HSBC reported my husband and I to a debt collector with a “D” rating by the Better Business Bureau. HSBC would not negotiate AT ALL to lower interest rate or work with us in any way. My husband was unemployed for an average of 6-8 months since 2007. He is an AMERICAN Union Member and was given NO HELP.

Perhaps that is because HSBC is a foreign-owned bank just as GREEDY and AMBIVALENT as any other. According to some internet articles, customers feel as if they had been “raped” by HSBC. This is QUITE accurate; never in my life have I ever dealt with such a cold-hearted, indifferent company who would actually leave customers bankrupt and destitute.

If it weren’t for a loving family member who we will pay back over $19,000 to rather than have to deal with HSBC and the like, we would have been in the pool of minnows eaten by these sharks. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH HSBC OR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES. You may never recover!”

Editor’s Note: Opinions are those of the submitter. We just publish exactly what we receive. Currently we have a backlog of 1137 complaints about HSBC.