Tom Detlinger, Bill Aldinger, and Household HSBC

CD in Minnesota said : “I worked for Beneficial Household Inc. for 8 years. I worked hard for them but they were never satisfied and because I would not do a lot of the things they required. They demoted me. They are the most corrupt people. Bill Aldinger is one of the greediest people. They screwed the employees because they knew they were selling out to HSBC for a certain price so for months we did not get our bonuses, but the board and Bill Aldinger voted themselves huge bonuses prior to the sale of the stock, whilst our 401k tanked. Aldinger voted himself a 15 million dollar bonus.

They also wiped loans out of the branches on December 30th, ran the year end numbers, then the loans showed up again 1/1. I asked Tom Detlinger in a meeting what was going on and he told me it must have been a computer glitch. I did some digging and found dozens of loans in dozens of branches had suddenly been zeroed out and then bounced back on the books again. This is illegal and no one does anything about it.”