United Recovery Systems

Also sometimes called United Recovery Agency, this agency tries to collect on former predatory accounts of Household International, and acts as a bill collector for HSBC. Consumer reports indicate settlement scams by this company. If you are offered a settlement get it in writing and signed by the company, on company letterhead. They must mail the settlement to you. You sign the settlement, keep a copy, and mail the completed document back to them. Send it with proof of delivery required. Make sure you have mail fraud and wire fraud on your side if it goes bad. Telephone agreements do not protect you and they will come after you again for any balance due. In a true settlement you may get a 1099 and it may be reported to the IRS.

Protect yourself at all times by visiting Settlement Scams making sure they don’t get over on you or try anything sneaky.

Also See this customer report.

2 thoughts on “United Recovery Systems

  1. This company constantly violates the Fair Collections Policies Act when they REFUSE to send written records or invoices stating amounts owed by debtors. Do NOT give them money over the phone, instead you must DEMAND an invoice (send them a certified letter!) from them and then, and only then send them a CHECK. If they refuse to do this simply call the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and file a complaint. You can also do this online. If you’re sued in small claims court at least you’ll have a copy of the letter to show the judge stating that they failed to notify in writing.

  2. Attn Tracy

    I have called and left messages to cancel the transaction for 11-6-07 in the amount of 50.00. I have not actually spoken to Tracy. She has returned my call however I was unavailable at that time. Anyway – Im emailing you to please have that transaction cancelled. Please call me at xxxx so that I can make a double payment on 11-20-07. The # I’ve been calling for Tracy is xxx450. The phone is always busy. Please cancel that transaction. If you could also please call me to confirm.

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