Updated: A hard long look at HSBC doublespeak from the top down

MC in Pennsylvania said: “Update to my last post in July 2009 regarding my saga with HSBC under the heading “A hard long look at HSBC doublespeak from the top down.”

Since then HSBC finally relented with giving me a hardship from July 2009 until January 2010 at 0% interest with a payment amount of 850.00 per month. Guess my letter to the CEO got asses and elbows moving. In a nutshell I’ve been fortunate enough to get straightened out with my finances so I am able to start making the correct mortgage payments on my account and will not be losing my home after all. But this doesn’t mean they have stopped the creative accounting behind the scenes.

Today I wanted to make a pmt on my mortgage and low and behold when I sign into Beneficial/HSBC website to make the payment on line as I have been doing for years I get an error message telling me I am no longer able to view this account on-line and to call an 800 number. I call and get connected to someone probably in India somewhere who then advises me it is because of a recent bankruptcy for chapter 7 and all correspondence is required to stop?

HUH ? Are they kidding me? I proceed to explain I am not in a chapter 7 bankruptcy nor was I ever but I was in a chapter 13 back in 2003 because HSBC refused to work with me back then to modify my loan after getting laid off from my job and the result was HSBC modifying my loan due to RESPA violations filed by my attorney as a separate lawsuit when I filed the chapter 13 bankruptcy and I had excused myself from the class action lawsuit occurring back then.

I then explain the bankruptcy was discharged in August of 2008 and it is now 2010. She repeats the info about the bankruptcy and I asked her if she heard a word I said and could she tell me why I’ve been able to look at my mortgage account on line and make monthly payments before, during and after the bankruptcy that has been discharged for over a year now including getting correspondence such as statements and letters in response to letters I sent and all of a sudden my bankruptcy now comes into question.

She also explains during the conversation every time I ask a question its bank lingo and I wouldn’t be familiar with it. I tell her with a giant smirk on my face excuse me but contrary to what you assume I know about banking I am well versed in banking lingo and worked at various banks for close to 18 years I wait on hold to speak with a supervisor who I know will repeat the same BS and get me nowhere fast.

I ask one more question when the rep gets back on the phone. I ask her if there has been some new legislation I wasn’t aware of that might be the cause of all of this. She tells me not that she is aware of. I make the one time payment over the phone with her and end the call.

So feel free to put this with my other posts so those who might be interested in what has happened since. I am also planning on writing to the CEO again to find out when they plan on providing training to the people answering their phones and representing HSBC on their behalf. I’m sure they must know by now half the people working there sound like idiots. I also plan in the future to get my loan out of HSBC the first opportunity I can but in the meantime I plan on getting to the bottom of whatever creative accounting they did which I suspect has to do with what they did to give me the hardship back in July 2009.”