Yes HFC and Beneficial Finance offices are closed

Effective 3 March 2009 HSBC announced the nationwide closing of HFC and Beneficial Finance branch offices. I realize we have so much information on this website that some search engines have been sending you to different pages.

In light of that we are taking this opportunity to direct everyone to this article. What are your choices if you have been making your payments at the local office? That is a good question, and perhaps you received some guidance by mail. Many of our visitors say they have not.

While some Beneficial and HFC offices may continue with minimal staffing, they are not there to help you with anything difficult. I recommend calling the main headquarters of HSBC finance in Illinois, although we know how frustrating that can be. I hesitate to publish a phone number because it may not be valid. (Try 1-847-564-5000)

The link to HSBC where we once saw their formal announcement of branch closings is now gone. So is the company. I hope this helps.