HSBC and Deutsche Bank align once again

Bloomberg recently said “Deutsche Bank AG Chief Executive Officer Josef Ackermann and HSBC Holdings Plc Chairman Stephen Green are among bankers with a new ally in their tug of war with politicians over stricter rules: Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis.” Lets look at these two banks in America.

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HSBC exposes sensitive bankruptcy data

Acording to the Attorney General of New Hampshire HSBC exposed sensitive bankruptcy data. Some customers of the following HSBC companies are affected: HSBC Taxpayer Financial Services, Beneficial New Hampshire and Household Finance Corporation.

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Does Wells Fargo want HSBC Finance?

This report came in a few moments ago. There is no way, at this time, to confirm or deny the accuracy of the report. So, at the end of a long week, here it is: “Just found out that the restructuring of offices is to get us ready to sell to Wells Fargo. I am a high level DSM and I have it on good word that this will happen in the next 12 months.”

17 year DSM suddenly gone from HSBC

I’m an AE on the Atlantic Coast (as specific as I want to get) and was informed that my DSM who worked for the company for over 17 years is no longer employeed anymore. When anyone asked “why, what happened?”, it was it was No One knows anything hush hush hush. It’s no wonder the company is “cutting the fat”. The company charges state max rate with state max fees and then pressures all the insurance the customer can get on the loan. If you don’t have good insurance numbers, then congrats you get to go to “boot camp” to get better at packing insurance on. I can’t believe people still take out loans there.