Best Buy Stores and the HSBC late payment system

JY in California said: “My credit is horrible and I needed a new TV. Best Buy (HSBC) agreed to give me a $500 limit so I could get one. They gave me the option of up to 4 or 5 years to pay. Because I wanted to start building my credit back up I said 1 year (12 x @$45) which was at the time manageable. The first payment was ok. The 2nd was ‘on the last day – with postal receipt, and a ‘cashiers check’ from my bank and they hit me with a $39 late charge. Then the phone calls started…

The debt has since been shuffled to a collection agency with down right rude people and the $500 is now approaching $800. I called the collection agency and said I would agree to the original agreement if they would dismiss the late fees…NO DEAL. Refusal to pay? HELL YES. They are crooks praying on consumers and should be forced out of business.”

Published by

Timothy Blake

HSBC Watch is a watchdog and consumer activist coalition.