Pay off your HSBC credit cards says customer

RM in Ohio said: “I think FW had the right idea: pay off your HSBC credit cards and loans or transfer them to another bank, then cancel the accounts. I think all of us should email our friends and family to tell them to do the same if they have an existing HSBC account. Also, warn our friends and family not to create accounts with HSBC. Include links to this website, as well as and”

HSBC credit limit decrease angers more customers

YW in Maryland said: “HSBC reduced my credit line to the balance owed without notice for no reason – really. This is a 5K credit decrease. I changed how I pay them. First and for years, I had an autopay setup with them but I closed the bank acct that the payment was drawn from – bank takeover in Dec 08. I manually paid them in Jan 09 and setup an autopay for them to start in February 2009 via my credit union. They have never been paid late and I have not incurred any late fees. This seems unfair to treat paying customer this way. Not to mention the HUGE impact this will have on my credit score. Shameful.”