One thought on “HSBC credit card payment credited to wrong account”

  1. I got an Orchard Bank credit card with a limit of only $500.00 to re-build my credit after a messy divorce. The first month I used $73.00 and paid it in full though my account page from my checking account. The second month I used $88.00 and paid that in full the same way. The third month I used $366.00 and paid in full the same way however, this time when I looked at my account I had a $366.00 payment hold? my payment is due on the 25th of each month I looked at my account on the 5th of the next month 12 days after my payment was posted to my account (it was posted on 09/24/2011) my bank said the check cleared on 09/26/2011 I was like what’s going on? so I called the number on the nack of my card to ask why? I was told they put a 14 day hold on payments made by check in case they don’t clear.. I could hardly understand the pakistani CS rep ( who’s name was billy.. I kid you not! ) but I think he told me they are only notified if a check bounces not if they clear so they wait that long for a notice? I told him I made my first payments the same way and he told those had holds on them as well but.. they didn’t! he all but called me a liar! Any ways they finally credited my account on 10/11/2011 17 days after I made my payment and only 8 days untill another payment was due.. That’s not what I am writing about.. because they held my payment.. when they reported my account to the agencies it showed me using 70% of that credit card limit and my credit score went down from 602 to 594.. I got the card to help my credit not hurt it! Orchard bank sux donkey balls.

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