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HSBC is cutting back in the U.S. after its 2003 purchase of Household International Inc. required it to set aside more than $65 billion for bad loans

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HSBC credit card security explained

Terry in Utah said: “I was trying to get a watch put on my credit card because of a recent scam, but one thing led to another with the customer service girl.

She asked if I wanted to just replace the card, I agreed, but didn’t want it mailed to my rural mailbox, so I gave her my post office box number. She said she had to ask me some questions that are a matter of public record.

As she started asking the questions, it became apparent they all had to do with my ex-husband’s address and even the age of his current wife. I answered “I don’t know” to all but maybe one or two questions, explaining that he and I hadn’t been married for over 20 years.

She told me she would have to turn me over to someone in Security, so a guy came on and told me that I would have to submit a copy of my driver’s license and a current utility bill to get the new card, because I had changed my address. I told him that I didn’t change my address.

I said we can still use the rural address, but he said because of federal laws I would have to submit those things to get the card.

Little does he know I don’t need that stupid credit card and have been wanting to close it anyway. He told me he would have to put a “hold” on it until he got the requested information. Well, he doesn’t know me. I felt humiliated being asked questions that pertained to my ex-husband.

Not one question was about me except a car I used to drive. I will NEVER send them a copy of my drivers license or utility bill. They can forever keep my credit card on hold or close it completely. I have others I can use if I need them, and by the way,

HSBC, I don’t need any of them. I don’t even need a good credit score. If I wanted to I would look into some legal action against them for discrimination. I just might have grounds. And I just might look into it. I have the time.”

Posted By Timothy Blake

HSBC Watch is a watchdog and consumer activist coalition.

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UPDATE NOTE: HSBC car loans were sold to Santander USA in 2010 :: Most HSBC credit cards became Capital One credit cards in 2012 :: HSBC horrible predatory home mortgages are in run-off