WG in New Hampshire said: “I received an HSBC Opt Out Notice in 12.02.09 for my credit card and sent a certified letter rejecting Change in Credit Card Terms on 12.04.09 addressed to HSBC Card Services, PO Box 80056, Salinas, CA 93912-0056, Attn: Opt-Out Dept. HMPO907 – it was received on 12.07.09 – I then checked that my account was closed by making a purchase with the card – it was rejected – this notice was signed by Patricia Burke, President, HSBC Credit Card Services Inc.

On 01.04.2010, I received another Opt Out Notice for my credit card with changes to take effect 02.17.2010 – I decided to call before sending a certified letter to inform them this was the second Notice – the phone # 877 295 5110 was the same as on the first Notice – the call was answered by a recorded voice asking for my credit card # which was accepted and then the voice asked for the last “4” digits of my SS# – the voice rejected my correct SS# even after 4 callbacks – and each time said “goodbye” and hung up – there was no way to get through – but I then checked the back of my credit card and found a very tiny number 888 333 2201 so I called and got a voice recording asking for my credit card # which was accepted and then asked for my full “9” digit SS# which was accepted.

I was then placed on hold for more than 10 minutes so I hung up – this Notice had no signature and the even though the phone# and the return address were the same, the Opt-Out Dept # was different by one digit – HMP090″8″ and the cover address was also different – HSBC Card Services PO Box 60177 City of Industry, CA 91716-0177 –

This is just another terrible scam for the poor credit card customers of HSBC – I hope we can do something about it.”

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