RN in India said: “I am a so called Premier account holder of HSBC bank. Pune. There was lot of enthusiasm with one madame Rinku mahajan and madame Prachi till they got me converted to Premier Account from Power Vintage Account. Apparrently soon after that they got their comission. I have never heard any thing from my so called Customer Relations Manager . I am outside the Country and my wife had to go to office of the Bank to collect the pHONE Nos. of mdm. Prachi.She does not have a mobile no. She gives the nos. where she cannot be contacted. She gives a wrong E mail adress. One need not say, all this because she does not want customer to contact her. I am tired of this Customer relationship game. I am waiting for maturing my FD term contract for the deposits i have made, so that we do not have to live with this type of Multi National Banking Culture. Th national Banks are at least honest when they say we don have customer Relations Officer for you.”

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