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HSBC is cutting back in the U.S. after its 2003 purchase of Household International Inc. required it to set aside more than $65 billion for bad loans

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HSBC reimbursement check not trusted by receiver

WK in Minnesota said: “I just opened some old mail today to find a check issued to me at my “new” address (since January 2010). The check is dated April 12, 2010 and the explanation printed says that it is for “the reimbursement of a credit on on your credit card account xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-####.”

There is a disclaimer printed saying that if the reimbursement is due to a processing or other error my account will be adjusted accordingly.

There is a phone number to call with questions: 1-800-695-6950. A reference # and a voucher # are also included. The check issuer is HSBC Private Label Corporation in Salinas California and also lists HSBC Bank USA, NA in New York as the bank.

Here’s the thing: in April 2009 I became credit card debt free. I entered a debt management program through Lutheran Social Services in 2004 and have not used a credit card since beginning that program (6 years clean!).

I did pay off an HSBC Direct Merchants Bank card through this program so it is within the realm of possibility that I overpaid. However, the last four #s of the account # given above do not match the # on my program report.

I’d like to think the check is legit and cash it since it is a nice $ but I also want to stay clean and credit card debt free. The check is valid for 180 days so I’d like to know how to proceed as soon as possible. Any suggestions on how to verify the legitimacy of this check?”

Posted By Timothy Blake

HSBC Watch is a watchdog and consumer activist coalition.

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UPDATE NOTE: HSBC car loans were sold to Santander USA in 2010 :: Most HSBC credit cards became Capital One credit cards in 2012 :: HSBC horrible predatory home mortgages are in run-off