CR in Washington said: “I recently received a copy of my credit report (Triple Advantage) and noticed an HSBC/RC account that shows the account to still be open. It shows a high balance of $762.00 and a current balance of $0.00. I have no idea what this account was for. I found the phone number for the company on a complaint website about HSBC, as no number was listed on the credit report.

When calling 1-800-365-6538, I spoke to Sameerah. As the credit report only listed the first seven numbers of my account (last four were XXXX out), I had to give her my social security number. She could find no account and stated it must have been closed years ago.

When I informed her the credit bureaus show it to be in active open status, she said I had to take it up with them and they must not have updated the status. When I said, “All three of them?,” she reiterated there was nothing she could do and I would have to file a complaint with them to have it closed. Unfortunately, the credit bureau states it cannot close it without documentation from the company. Please help. All I want is the account to be “closed” and removed from my credit report. Thank you.”

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