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HSBC is cutting back in the U.S. after its 2003 purchase of Household International Inc. required it to set aside more than $65 billion for bad loans

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17 February
Posted in General Issues
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Telephone Solicitation Results in Annual Fee

From A.D. in Washington: I received a call before Thanksgiving from an HSBC representative asking that I make a payment on my credit card that was overdue. I told them I didn’t have an HSBC credit card. They asked for my SSN and my DOB and confirmed that I spoke [...]

8 December
Posted in Merchant Issues
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HSBC finds it hard to fix Best Buy credit card errors

Alan in Alabama said: “I had a HSBC credit card for 5 years and never used it , it had a zero balance. I canceled the card may 2009. I recieved a statement in September 2009 for annual fee charges. I contacted HSBC customer service and told them the acount [...]

6 December
Posted in Payment Issues
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HSBC customer service – say anything, do nothing, hang up the phone

LH in North Carolina said: “HSBC didn’t process my last credit card payment on the day they received the electronic payment from my bank acct around Feb or Mar 09. I checked my acct 3 weeks later expecting the payment to have already posted with a zero balance, but the [...]

17 July
Posted in Watchdog Issues
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HSBC sends statements to wrong state, turns to collection agency

JS in North Carolina said: “My husband received a phone call yesterday from a collection agency stating that we owe $280 dollars. Into the conversation they stated that it was annual fees just to have the card, even though this card was paid off over a year ago. When asked [...]

8 June
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IS HSBC charging an annual fee for your credit card?

PS in New York said: “HSBC is out of hand with thier interest rate on credit cards and annual fees. They hit me with a $59 annual fee that I dont remember paying in the past and that put me over the limit on a $300 limit credit card. Then [...]