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HSBC is cutting back in the U.S. after its 2003 purchase of Household International Inc. required it to set aside more than $65 billion for bad loans

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21 May
Posted in Watchdog Issues
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There were fewer crooks in the 70′s RE HSBC

I spent over 25 years working as an attorney representing large commercial real estate lenders. I have little experience in consumer protection issues, since I didn’t represent consumers or banks who dealt with consumers. I had forgotten that Household Finance, successor to Beneficial, had received the largest fine for predatory [...]

8 July
Posted in Foreclosure Issues
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Bankruptcy proves HSBC is a bunch of crooks

J in Minnesota said: “In 2004 we made the mistake of switching our mortgage to HSBC. Since then they have put me into foreclosure, sicked two attorney firms on me, and forced me into chapter 13 bankruptcy. Now that that is done and I have all my receipts from HSBC [...]

27 April
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GM card worthless for car buying discount

RS in Texas said: “I have had a GMAC credit card for many years. When I first recieved this card, the original agreement was that for every purchase i made with this card, 5 per cent was going to be used off the price of a new GM car. In [...]

15 April
Posted in Payment Issues
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HSBC payments don’t arrive even with tracking number

LB in Georgia said: “I have been plagued with fees that are not correct. When I make a payment online the fee is dumped into the high interest rate category. Online payments thru my bank have quote unquote have not arrived and even with a tracking number they say it [...]

12 February
Posted in Merchant Issues
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Texan identifies Best Buy HSBC scam

GG in Texas said: “This is the third time our household has fallen prey to this Best Buy scam. We receive the bill two weeks before it is due and then we mail it one week later with 5 working days before it is due. And everytime, late fee of [...]