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HSBC is cutting back in the U.S. after its 2003 purchase of Household International Inc. required it to set aside more than $65 billion for bad loans

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10 February
Posted in Merchant Issues
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Another Bowflex horror story financed by HSBC

CM in Montana said: “This complaint is equally about BowFlex and HSBC Retail Services. My 73 year old disabled father was sold a treadmill climber by telephone in July 2009. I just took over his finances and had made several calls to Blowflex and to HSBC, but was told that [...]

10 February
Posted in Foreclosure Issues
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Homeowner tells HSBC to foreclose

Pam in Pennsylvania said: “First, Beneficial has had my mortgage account so messed up I have become totally frustrated. Making phone calls to them does no good as I always get somebody who is so dense it is unbelieveable. They state I only paid so much on my mortgage last [...]

5 February
Posted in Insurance Issues
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Does HSBC account secure cover self employed?

RG in Arkansas sent this short but very telling complaint. If it pertains to you please use caution. RG said “HSBC – Account Secure Plus refuses to pay claim on completely disabled man because he was self employed.”

4 January
Posted in Hardship Issues
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HSBC ignores disabled man’s settlement request

Willie in California said: “I lost my job in April due to disability, and called HSBC on a credit card for a settlement or hardship payment plan and they flat out refused. Customer service reps were very rude. I had been making 100.00 payments for eight months because this was [...]

17 December
Posted in Foreclosure Issues
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This HSBC foreclosure story makes HSBC look shady, too many questions

Jeff in Ohio said: “Yes , My wife and I were both victims of HSBC and their unfair lies and being mis-informed on their lending. To start with, we were supposed to get extra money to build a garage because the county said we should have built one when the [...]