Bon-Ton customer told no bill is not HSBC’s problem

NS in Virginia said: “I had been a Bon-Ton card holder since 2007. This past August (2009) i made a purchase of $52.00 to my Bon-Ton charge. When the bill from HSBC didn’t come about a month later, I called wondering where it was and if it was now late. The women on the phone told me that My bill from HSBC should be coming in the mail soon. 2 weeks went by, and I never got a bill. So I got online to check my statement that way, and there was no bill.

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HSBC and Davids Bridal is no way to start married life

Jennifer in Missouri said: “I have a David’s Bridal account with HSBC. For the past year and a half, I have been paying the amount due on time; however, HSBC continually charges me over the limit fees and late fees, even though my payments are on time and over the minimal amount. No phone calls to HSBC are answered, and only after my husband sent a notarized letter to the fax and mailing address did they stop calling me every day. I have it documented that back in May, they called my cell phone 6 times…in ONE day, and my payment had already been processed for that month.”

HSBC payoff leaves small balance and more late fees

DW in Florida said: “Paid balance on account in full plus a late fee. HSBC will not release title and keep charging me a fee plus late fee. My bank who paid off the balance has tried to work with HSBC, but they still say we owe a small balance and keep adding late fees. How can I stop this? If I keep paying the fees it will never end. Please help.”