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HSBC is cutting back in the U.S. after its 2003 purchase of Household International Inc. required it to set aside more than $65 billion for bad loans

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14 December
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HSBC and HFC keep homeowners insurance money

John in Lousianna recently sent this complaint about HSBC. He said “Since we refinanced our house in 2006 with HFC, it has been nothing but a complete nightmare. We have been WAY overcharged on “ancillary fees” and “late fees”. At times I have spent nearly two hours at a time [...]

25 May
Posted in Insurance Issues

HSBC sends insured account to collections instead

MS in Georgia said: “I have an unsecured loan with HFC now Beneficial since 8/2007. I also have insurance on the account. I filed an online claim in 7/09 and have had an absolute nightmare of a time dealing with them in getting any info in regards to my claim. [...]

24 May
Posted in Payment Issues
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HFC debits widows bank account for paid off loan

WH in North Carolina said: “My husband died in Jan 2010 and his loan was paid off because we had life insurance on it. After his loan was paid off HFC took another payment out of our checking account. I called them and after days of being hung up on [...]

21 May
Posted in Insurance Issues
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HSBC lies to sell debt cancellation insurance

AE in Michigan said: “I wondered why my debt was not being paid off and didn’t understand what Debt Cancellation was. I asked Customer Service at Best Buy and they couldn’t help me. I sent an email to Best Buy and received no answer. I finally called an 800 number [...]

24 April
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HSBC fails to honor Suzuki contract

JS in Washington said: “This is an old issue but Household is still persuing and is threatening to sue. In July 2006 I signed the paper work for a new Suzuki S40 motorcycle and clothing on back order, but did not pickup the motorcycle. I went home and realized they [...]